Tips to create effective landing pages

7 tips to create effective landing pages

Landing pages should be at the heart of any successful marketing campaign. Investing time and money to get the right customers to your website can often be wasted if your landing pages are not optimised.

To help you start creating effective, lead-generating landing pages, we have provided a few tips below:

Make your offering clear & precise

Ensure your offering or landing page subject is the first thing your customers see. It should be clear, powerful and as compelling as possible to ensure a high conversion rate.

Keep inline with your marketing campaign

Whether your customer has arrived on your website from a Pay-Per-Click ad, social media post, or email campaign, ensure that your landing page content is kept inline with your marketing campaign. This will ensure continuity for customers and also ensure your PPC Quality Score is as high as possible.

Keep it minimal

Landing pages have one purpose – to encourage your customers to convert. Therefore keep everything else to a minimum. Consider removing your website navigation, footer, popups and anything else that could distract your customers or effect your conversion rate.

Simple forms

Forms are the central point of most landing pages. Whilst the temptation is to collect as much data as possible from your customers, try to keep the form fields down to just the vital ones. Large forms with multiple fields can often be daunting for a customer, and result in them not filling it in.

Include reviews/testimonials

Reviews and testimonials are great trust-builders and give you a chance to further reassure your customers. If you do not have a reviews feature on your website, third-party solutions such as Google Reviews, Trustpilot or Feefo will allow you to embed your customer reviews directly on your site, with fairly minimal effort.


Slow-loading landing pages are proven to have a negative impact on your conversion rate, so make sure your pages are optimised to load as fast as possible. A few things to consider would be compressing your images, reducing your content & minifying your website assets.

Test, test and test again

Last but by no means least. Testing is one of the most important factors in your landing page being successful. Run A/B or split testing with different headlines, content and call to actions to see how these effect your conversion rate, until your are happy with the results.

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