What is ‘mobile-first’ responsive design?


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At Yellow Peach, we take a ‘mobile-first’ approach with all the websites we build for our clients.

What is ‘mobile-first’ responsive design?

As we all continue to spend more of our time online on our mobile devices, it’s never been more important to first serve the needs of mobile users and to make sure your website offers a seamless and fluid experience, regardless of what device your visitors are using.

In essence, thinking ‘mobile-first’ means your site will be fully flexible and optimised for all available space, with an emphasis on making sure it hits the mark for mobile users as a first priority. Thinking Mobile first is also important for SEO and website speed – see our great post on this topic.

Why is ‘mobile-first’ design important?

Although it may seem back to front, thinking ‘mobile-first’ means your core message comes through first and then other features (and bells & whistles) can be added as your customer’s screen size increases & more space is available.
Essentially, it makes more sense to keep ‘building up’, rather than ‘knocking down’ and this way, you know that the user experience and information ‘groundwork’ will be solid, regardless of viewing device.

Our mantra for many years has been mobile-first, and we make sure we test extensively on a variety of devices to make sure your site looks gorgeous and works flawlessly.

Which platform is best for responsive mobile design?

As WordPress specialists, we’d inherently recommend using WordPress first, however we’re flexible to a variety of platforms that you may already be using. As one of the leading Website Development agencies in Somerset, you can be sure that all our websites are thoughtfully designed, with results in mind.

How does a ‘mobile-first’ approach to websites affect their design?

Traditionally, websites used to be built ‘desktop-first’ and then adapted for mobile screens. This approach was fine when fewer people were viewing the sites on mobile, however, in line with ever changing (and evolving) user habits, we’re all doing much more on the screens in our pockets than we ever used to. This has shaped the direction of many sites we all use, with an emphasis on cleaner and simpler designs that are particularly effective on a smaller screen.

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