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Commissioning a new website is an exciting time for your business, but sometimes it can be a daunting process. So working with the right web design and development agency is vital to ensure you are looked after every step of the way, however simple or complex your project might be.

No doubt, you’ll be looking for high standards, you’ll want to be kept abreast of progress along the way, you’ll want to be confident in the knowledge and experience of your agency, and most of all you’ll want a stunning website delivered to your expectations, to budget and on time.

Yellow Peach can provide you with all these assurances and here’s how we do it:

Our Values

Firstly, a bit about us and what makes us tick. We are a specialist digital agency in the heart of Somerset pushing the capabilities of WordPress, and driven by our four key values:

  • Strive for excellence – we are what we do, pushing ourselves to achieve the highest possible standards in everything we do.
  • Grow together – we’re here for you today, here for you tomorrow. Our mission is to build long term partnerships with our clients as we both evolve.
  • Pushing what’s possible – we embrace innovation, share ideas openly, and transform possibilities into reality.
  • Always bespoke – off-the-shelf is out of the question. We build bespoke websites to ensure we can deliver a best in class product.

Team Spirit

Working with an agency gives you a managed team of experts with a variety of skills at your disposal. Yellow Peach offers expertise in design, development and project management, and we also work in partnership with amazing copywriters, SEO gurus, and other digital specialists. This provides the breadth of capabilities needed to deliver a successful project.

The Process

The way we support our clients is as important as the how. We get to the heart of the project challenge with a healthy belief in collaboration and human relationships. We will adopt the same methodology whether you want a simple brochure website, an ecommerce store, or a dynamic publishing platform.

1. Discovery

We understand that the success of a project often hinges on the very first step taken, so we will always kick off a project with a comprehensive discovery session. Understanding your business and its audience is a key part of any website project.

Every project starts with clear objectives, expectations, and outcomes. Identifying and addressing potential roadblocks and challenges is second nature to us. An open two way conversation encourages proactive problem-solving, allows us to explore options and provide the best recommendations for your new site.

You’ll have a dedicated project manager who serves as the central hub for all project-related communications, ensuring that everyone is aligned on the same page, streamlining collaboration, and reducing misunderstandings. Always on hand to answer your questions and check that everything runs smoothly.

Remember, a dedicated project manager isn’t an additional expense; they are an integral part of any deliverable and will be invested in your project’s success right from the outset.

2. Information Architecture

Sometimes referred to as a site map or wireframe but essentially this is the phase where we illustrate the hierarchy and structure of how information and content on your website is organised.

A great looking website does not always mean a great working website. This stage of the process is integral to determining the navigation and a layout that provides the ultimate user experience and enables maximum engagement.

3. Design

Here is where we bring ideas to life. Our team of designers show off their creative flair and create high-fidelity interactive prototypes to show you how the final product will look.

It’s not just about creating something aesthetically pleasing, but web design also takes into account mobile and SEO friendliness to ensure the new site is laid out appropriately for users on multiple devices, and is structured appropriately for the search engines.

4. Content

Content includes any new images, graphics, or design elements you want included in the new website.

As wireframes and designs are being drafted, content for the new site needs to be organised and made ready for uploading. This can be a very time consuming process depending on whether pages are being consolidated, created, edited or removed. It is important to note that any changes to the current content on your site should be coordinated with an SEO resource, this will ensure issues aren’t inadvertently created with rankings or traffic after launch.

Professional copywriting can elevate a site – do let us know if you’d like to consider this.

5. Build

On sign-off of the design, our developers set to work building your new website and integrating it into the WordPress Content Management System (CMS). During this stage, our devs are in their element; building, writing code and testing to make sure the site is slick and super speedy. The build phase also encompasses any integrations with outside data sources, plugins, tools or platforms.

6. Testing and Launch

Nearly at the culmination of your project and just some final hurdles to overcome. QA (Quality Assurance) is vital at this stage to discover bugs, errors or oversights that may not have been spotted during the design and build phases before going live. Additionally we put the site through stringent testing across multiple browsers and devices to ensure everything is working as it should.

We also complete an SEO migration, this is key if the website structure, content and layouts have changed. We need to show Google a path to the new website, letting them know that you are the same business with the same information, albeit on an exciting new platform.

Then it’s time to go live!

7. Post Launch

From the moment a new site launches, we still keep an eye on the site for weeks, if not months, to come. It is important to make sure the new site is matching the expectations of your users, being found easily by Google, and being tracked and measured accurately for metrics and conversions.

We offer training on the CMS allowing you to change content on the website. After all it’s your website, so you shouldn’t have any restrictions with accessing and keeping the content up to date!

To make sure your website remains in tip top shape, we recommend ongoing maintenance. This ensures the website stays updated with new versions of WordPress and plugins and remains as secure as possible and performing efficiently.

To Sum Up

We’ve gone through this process many, many times before so you’re in safe hands, our team will collaborate with you to create the website you’ve always dreamed of.

Interested in working together?

Get in touch with us today and see how we can work together on your next website project.

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