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Why WordPress is the right choice for your website

WordPress currently sits as the most popular CMS around, powering around 15-17% of all websites worldwide. So why exactly is it so popular and why at Yellow Peach do we recommend any new websites are created using WordPress? Below are just a few reasons why.

Flexible & Versatile

There use to be a time when WordPress was just seen as a blogging platform where users could set up their own site to regularly post about their life, interests and so on. Today, WordPress is so much more. The platform can be used to create anything from simple marketing websites, complex Membership Websites or full-scale eCommerce Stores for selling your products.

Affordable (FREE in fact)

Another of the big plus sides with WordPress is of course that it is a open source platform, meaning its free. There are plenty of other open source content management systems out there too such as Drupal & Joomla, but with WordPress being the most popular, it boasts a fantastic community of support. Because of this, there is a huge range of both free and paid themes and plugins available to use, to help improve your website.

Easy To Use

One of the main reasons we use build our websites on WordPress is because of how easy it is for clients manage them. Whether its publishing new blog posts, adding products to their eCommerce store or importing new images into their gallery, WordPress’ intuitive interface allows for easy and efficient management of the website.

Great for SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) has a massive impact on how well your website performs and how much traffic you get to your website. There are many SEO advantages of using WordPress such as:

  • The ability to manage your pages/posts Meta Tags (title, description, etc)
  • Pinging – When you post new content on your website, WordPress has a built-in feature that notifies major indexes automatically so they can come and crawl the new content. This is great as it speeds up the process of your new pages/posts getting indexed and displaying in search results.
  • Useful plugins – There are some great (and free) SEO plugins out there to help you better optimise your website. We would recommend the Yoast SEO Plugin as a great starting point.

WordPress Examples

Still not convinced by what WordPress has to offer? Well why not take a look at a few of the big names below that use WordPress for their websites.

Sony Music
Walt Disney
Marks & Spencer

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