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Enterprise WordPress: Boldly pushing the platform

In the world of digital, Enterprise WordPress is a service being mentioned more and more. But, when ‘enterprise’ is essentially another word for ‘business’, what separates Enterprise sites from more traditional commercial WordPress platforms?

Not sure? Read on…

Enterprise = SIZE

The first big differentiator is size. Enterprise WordPress is a platform built for larger organisations with bigger demands. The thinking being: large organisations have ever-evolving needs, goals and products. Naturally, this requires a bespoke site that has the agility to flex with the business.

Robust is a must

Another essential characteristic of an Enterprise site: robustness. With the reputation of well-known brands at stake, the site needs to be rock-solid – resilient to significant shifts in traffics and security threats, while also being quick to update and easy to analyse. Data needs to be accessed at speed, and insights quickly drawn, in order to refine the site without any drop in performance.

Whereas previously, WordPress had a reputation as a platform for blogging and publishing, its strength and performance as a safe and adaptable commercial space is rightly in the ascendency.

Performance on every level

Often, mistakenly, performance is judged on one thing alone. Speed. And while a site that operates efficiently is essential, in our eyes that should be a given. What we believe marks out truly great performance is a lean, beautifully structured and persuasive platform. One that converts with ease as it brings the brand to life.

Geared for growth

As we touched on early, the nature of larger organisations is that they’re constantly growing and changing. A scalable platform is therefore crucial. It must have the front and back end flexibility to move with the commercial goals of the business – it needs to be ready for tomorrow, today. This technical evolution allows you to overcome challenges and solve problems at site-level, rather than having to constantly explore alternative expensive options.

It’s time for WordPress to impress

It’s never been riskier for enterprise-level companies to fall behind in the digital market. So, it’s only right that the reputation of WordPress as an alternative to expensive and complicated customised web solutions is growing. We’re now seeing well-known brands such as Sony and Disney choose WordPress for arms of their business. And it’s only a matter of time before even more big names come to appreciate just what can be achieved on the platform.

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