Time for a website refresh

The Life Of A Website

Is it time for a website refresh? Take a new look at web design and development. 

It might be something you’ve been putting off for a while due to the commitment, however – if your website isn’t looking or performing its best – can you really afford NOT to update it?

Be (Web) Proud.

No business owner wants to wince when you give out your web address, as we all know that clients will head to your website to check out the credibility of what you’re offering, and seek the confidence it will inspire for them to purchase from you.

If it’s not up to scratch, it could be the difference between that visitor becoming a customer or not.

Your website might’ve been great once upon a time, but even a website that’s 3-4 years old can actually seem pretty ancient by online standards – check out our latest web design projects here.

As we all know, the internet is constantly evolving and changing. Keeping up with all the changes demanded on businesses can be tough, but those who are bold enough to move with the times are duly rewarded.

Everything has a shelf life, and websites are no exception.

Gotta Go Fast.

Speed and performance is now one of the most important website ranking factors with Google’s ‘Mobile-First’ update initially intended to be rolled out in September 2020. However due to the Coronavirus outbreak, Google have pushed this back to March 2021 meaning you still have time to do get ready. Now’s the time to edge ahead of your competition with a fully mobile optimised, bespoke website from Yellow Peach.

We’re WordPress development and web design specialists, creating elegant customer-centric websites using the most popular CMC platform on the market. Think of your website as less like a cost, and more like an investment. A well designed website will make its money back in no time!

Our Rep.

Of course we’d say we’re great at what we do, but don’t just take our word for it – have a look at some of our testimonials to see what other businesses around Somerset are saying about our web development skills. Take a look at some of our 5 star reviews here.

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The digital journey should never end

The digital journey should never end

When we work with a client, we don’t believe our partnership should end once the site is designed and built. To keep the experience at its best, and to react to changes in technology and the market, we offer monthly website maintenance and support services.

Digital trends in 2024

Digital trends in 2024

The world of WordPress is ever evolving. New trends and innovations constantly push what’s possible with the platform. That’s why we specialise in bespoke design. It gives us the freedom to ensure our clients’ needs are met using the latest digital developments.