Uncovering WordPress 6.5

WordPress 6.5 aka “Regina” was released on 2nd April 2024 and we are here to explain its features and improvements. New design tools and several UI enhancements have improved the overall editing experience. As well as two new powerful APIs, this release includes the highly anticipated Font Library, custom fields for blocks, plugin dependencies, and block editor improvements.

New APIs open up new flexibility

Block Bindings API

A newly introduced Block Bindings API means it’s now possible to connect block attributes to values from different data sources. Many websites use custom fields depending on their unique needs and previously developers had to build custom blocks that content creators could then utilise. WordPress 6.5 removes much of this need by allowing developers to bind core blocks like paragraphs and images to these custom fields, pulling in data as necessary from other sources.

At first, only a limited number of blocks, such as headings, paragraphs, images, and buttons, will support the Block Bindings API. With future iterations, more blocks, even custom blocks, will be added to the list.

Interactivity API

WordPress 6.5 adds a new Interactivity API which aims to enhance the seamless interaction between different blocks on the front end of websites, ultimately making front end interactions richer and easier to achieve.

It enables developers to create interactive experiences for anyone visiting a site; users will be able to interact with content without having to reload the page, things like instant search, adding comments, adding to a cart, and dynamic pagination.

Introducing the Font Library

Most WordPress users are familiar with the Media Library where images and other media are stored. The new Font Library enables users to manage fonts in a way that resembles media management in the Media Library but for fonts instead. Upload your own manually or connect to Google Fonts to search and install fonts thus providing greater control over typography across a website. Enterprises can also take advantage of increased flexibility when building their own font libraries and choosing the upload location to make sure it works with any setup.

Appearance tool support for classic themes

Whilst block themes are the preferred way to build new WordPress experiences, many designers still use classic themes. Moving forwards, when WordPress provides new features and improvements for block themes, it upgrades the classic themes as well. Version 6.5 opens up these design tools as an opt-in feature, enabling them to take advantage of options like border colour, radius and width, link colour, margin, padding, line height, and more.

Robust revision system

WordPress 6.5 brings significant improvements to the revision system as before this version, users couldn’t see exactly what changes they made. Revisions give you the confidence that you can undo any changes by switching to a previous version of your design project. Style revisions have a prominent place in this release enhancing transparency and by adding an additional security layer to the workflow when working collaboratively.

Continuing usability and accessibility improvements

Usability and an intuitive experience are hallmarks of WordPress, and version 6.5 continues to build on these with many improvements. Several enhancements to the site editor should significantly improve the editing experience and streamline workflow including list view enhancements; duplicating and renaming patterns; upgraded preferences panel; more intuitive link building; drag and drop refinements, custom mega menus and new Data Views. In fact, this new release has 681 enhancements and 488 bug fixes within the editor.

Faster performance

WordPress 6.5 makes a giant leap here with 110+ performance updates, resulting in an impressive increase in speed and efficiency across the post editor and site editor. Loading is over two times faster than in version 6.4, with input processing speed up to five times faster than the previous release.

With all these exciting updates, WordPress 6.5 is a game-changer.

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